January 29 2018

Everything is an experience, and today we look at our lives as series of experiences as users, consumers, customers, vendors, designers - you name it. All have related measurable parameters that need to be achieved. However, no matter what the experience, there is one thing that’s common for them all: a good experience makes you feel good.

With new user centric technology innovations, the feel-good factor is a combination of design, functionality and reliability with an ability to surprise the end-user. The revolution of display technologies is already changing the form factors of our everyday devices. But what if you don’t need a display for everything - what if you could make it simpler and smarter?

The amount of human machine interfaces is growing, but rather than being surrounded with exhaustive amount of visible electronic controls we want peaceful environments that enable us to benefit from technology without having to see it 24/7. Electronics can no longer create distraction, but rather manifest intuitive controls be it your vehicle, home, or office.

At TactoTek we bring life to three-dimensional surfaces. Instead of having a separate device or assembly for every human machine interface, why not bring your existing surfaces to life? It is thrilling to witness how our technology can help customers in re-inventing the experiences with human machine interfaces. Our team has dedicated years to explore and verify how to integrate printed electronics and discrete electronic components seamlessly with surface materials to help improve the user experience of electronic devices.

Catch the wave with us!


About the writer

Sini Rytky, VP Product Management

Sini Rytky, VP Product Management

Sini leads TactoTek Product Product Management – technology productization, product strategy and road mapping. Sini has 15+ years of experience working in the global electronics design & manufacturing and test automation for consumer electronics and automotive industries, in various roles from technology development to product management and global solution sales. Change management has been a combining element in her past roles – creating new business from strategy to execution. Sini holds a M.Sc. in Information Processing Sciences and BBA in Global Business Management. In her free time Sini enjoys gardening, outdoor activities and a little bit of Texas Hold 'Em.

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